I'm going to start out with telling you guys that I have a special name. Have to spell it every time someone has to use it in different situations. Going strong on my 23 year, and one hundred and seventy-nine and a half centimeters from the ground. I like to wear clothes that are painted in drab colors. I live with my wonderful boyfriend 10 minutes from campus. I'm quite fond of free time, cuddling with my boyfriend, chocolate and laughing out loud and hard, lying in bed, reading, dancing around in our apartment, wasting money on clothes and eating out (my wallet is light, and my visa is worn out). But anyway, sure. People who know me see me as kind. I think a lot of my loved ones and want them to feel good. I talk to my mother on the phone every day. On the outside I can seem unapproachable, but truth be told, I can't say that I have an attitude. I have no idea what to talk to people about, so conversations can get strained sometimes. Perhaps it's my force field that hides my uncertainty and a bit of a lack of confidence that shines through. I have strong opinions. My bad sides are amongst others that I'm quite lazy, can't stand authority, can wind myself up over little details and a lack of self-discipline and tendency to procrastinate. This turned out pretty long so I'll finish with things I love and like: music, clothes, traveling, my friends, boyfriend and family, food, Coke Zero, my little sister, sunshine, home, love, happiness.

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