I read this post at the blog Miel Mon Miel and fell in love with Music Philosophy. See for yourself:
This last one is actually a quote from one of my favorite songs. Had the privilege to see Guillemots in concert in 2007 and again in 2008. Lovely. Look back on (especially the first concert) with fond memories and a smile on my face. The party went on all night, and in the morning I met the drummer outside a warehouse building. At first I didn't know it was him, and we started joking around and having dance-offs. Later on when my head cleared up the pieces fell into place, and then I was starstruck.
A bit into the song "Made Up Love Song #43" a school-bell rings, and I remember at the first concert they used a cowbell instead... It's a great detail in the song, and I think it's funny that they replaced it with a cowbell.

Well, more about the project. The guys name is Mico. He is a designer, who likes music and typography. So, he combined them and created Music Philosophy.
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