Was looking around (well, actually procrastinating) on this tumblr blog when I saw a picture that caught my eye. Followed the link and ended up here and became a little wiser. Matt W. Moore is the artist behind these paintings. He arrived in Paris with no art, no supplies and no firm plan for his paintings. The ideas for the artwork actualized whilst spending time and absorbing France and french culture. One month later he had the exhibition. The paintings are created entirely with spray paint.

I think that the effect that the spray-paint brings to the painting is breathtaking. I like the colors and the geometric shapes and the shadow-play that I didn't notice until I took a good look at the pictures. They make me want to buy masking tape and paint geometric shapes in strong colors.

See more pictures and paintings, and read more about the art, the artist and the exhibition here. And check out the photos on the bottom of the page from his month in Paris

I Googled him and found more of his work. His website and his news blog are worth a visit. He has done some interesting things. It has been my experience when I have picked up a paint brush, that when you work with art like this (I'm thinking relatively modern, bold colors and graphic silhoettes) it is easy to fall into a rut or have a tendency to paint particular shapes (not even intentional - just subconsciously), but not Matt. You can see his portfolios and different things here.

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