Ready to go!!
Went to Tivoli to get the wrist-band earlier today - I was expecting a long line and hours of waiting, but there was nothing of that sort. We were done in 10 minutes! 10 minutes! And whilst waiting you could buy beer and hot-dogs. Nice one Roskilde. The mood was chilled and laid-back and a DJ was playing. Being there was a little taste of festival life. I was so excited getting the ticket exchanged to the wristband. The whole thing seemed more real when I got the wrist-band on. It's happening! It's real, it's now!
The checklist is all checked!
24 hours till we will be standing in line with thousands of other excited festival-people
8 days of rock and roll
in a tent
with no running water
take-away food
good music (x1000)
good vibrations
nice weather (fingers crossed)
... I am so excited!!

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