I want heat. I want to see the temperature gauge show more than 10 degrees Celsius. I want to wear this years shorts. I want to sit outside on the terrace. I want to turn 18. I want to lie on the balcony in my bikini and bask in the sun. I want to complain about the heat (and take back my words minutes later. We'll always remember the ice cold winter in 2010) I want barbecue party on the balcony. I want to get my license. And drive with the windows open. I want to get freckles. And sun-bleached hair. I want to buy new summer clothes. Running around with tanned summer-legs. I want to slurp ice-cold drinks under a parasol. I want to lie on the beach and read a book. I want to inaugurate the iPod album "sommar2010". I want to bicycle home in the evening sun. I want to sit on someone's lap on the beach on a hot summer night. I want to eat breakfast in the sun. I want to go abroad. I want to be in love. I want to see the snow disappear. Only streets and green grass is what I want. I would like to try new things. Maybe bungee jump or shave off my hair on one side. Who knows. I want to meet new wonderful people. Walk barefoot in the sand. I want to lie in the sand and watch the starry summer night. I want to ride a moped (barefoot). I want to invite friends over for icy margaritas. I want to play football in the grass. I want to go out at night. I want to run around to summer parties with crazy themes. I want to get paint on the body. I want to go on a shopping holiday. To London or Stockholm. I would throw the quilted jacket in the back of the closet. I want to lie by the pool in the summer house. I want to be summer-happy. I want to feel sunlight on the skin. I want to buy new shoes. I want to delete a few things from my life. I want to get a job. I want to surprise and be amazed. I want to learn to water-ski. I want to find the perfect bikini. I want to be more tanned than ever before. I want you back. I want to be kept warm by a thin jacket on a summer night. I want to be on the beach and cook. I would like to invite you to my disgusting good summer sandwiches with grilled chicken, avocado and philadelphia. I want to hear I'm Yours and remember the summer of 09th I want to go on a road trip. I want to run around in the rain. I want to buy a new bed. I want to burn my school books. I want to eat cake with vanilla ice cream. I want to go to a wedding. I want to get my long blond hair back. I want to get an SLR. I want to sit on the bridge with my feet in the water. I want to be a few inches longer. I want to dare more. I want to learn a foreign language. I want to pack myself into my big sister's travel-bag and ride down to Barcelona on Wednesday. (17 degrees and our full down there!) I want to...

- I read this post on the Swedish blog Dirtyglam. Completely fell for it and had the most intense urge for summer. So here it is - in English via Google translate and a quick read-through. Can you feel the summer-butterflies in your tummy?

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