"Hey...ok!" by Sarah Hepburn.

I ripped the album "Stars and Haze" by Sarah Hepburn on my computer. It soon went on my "top 25" most played - both on my computer and iPod.

This quote by her came out with the press release when her album came out:
"I started forming melodies since before I can remember….
I have always loved the unusual sides of music, so growing up I would often search for that one station on the radio that had the strangest music I'd ever heard, not being able to explain it. But it grabbed my heart just as much as experiencing The Mamas and The Papas at a folk-festival or hearing my dad play banjo in the living room, and has deeply influenced my musical walk…….Whether playing for my family at family events or in front of strangers I have always enjoyed sharing music with others.
Sarah Hepburn, April 2005."

She has an amazing voice and writes striking and scenic songs.
She is beautiful!

More about Sarah:
Sarah's myspace
Official web page
Zhaeng Zhaeng myspace
Glorybox myspace

Sarah kamerad & spelemann Festival photo by Kai-Otto

Sarah playing Vox Hall -photo by Solrun Stig

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